Rhyme of the ancient web analytics analyst

Here's a riff on a famous poem from Rishad Tobaccowalla, CEO of marketing agency Denuo, speaking at OMMA Metrics and Measurement in New York today:

Data, data everywhere
I think I could sink
Data, data everywhere
Will someone please help me think.

James Robinson, director of web analytics at the New York Times, offered complementary thoughts about how it's a "fallacy" that more complex data is more valuable, and that "it's not about the data, it's about the insights….it's not about the page views or click-throughs – it's about making New York Times customers happy."

For those of you who want to play web analytics games, make a bingo card out of Jodi McDermott's list of web analytics buzz words.  Jodi, also known as Widget Girl, chaired the day-long seminar and is director of data strategy at Clearspring Technologies.

Who said web analytics wasn't fun?

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