The number of people watching “long” videos is increasing…

…which means you probably should measure video viewings by length of video in addition to the usual measures such as the amount of video viewed.

Online Media Daily reported that, according to Nielsen, the number of unique visitors to increased from 9 million to 10.1 million between October 2008 and May; total streams, 206,000 to 382,000.  You can watch entire TV series episodes and movies on Hulu. 

Also: "The average video is now 14 minutes long,
whereas a year ago all but one of Blip's top 25 shows was under 5
minutes. The two-minute limit no longer applies."

This is stark contrast to, the video service equivalent to Twitter.  12seconds can be incorporated with Twitter (it's a button on TweetDeck), Facebook and other social media services.


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