Adobe + Omniture = new rich media measurement standards

The news about Adobe buying Omniture mystified me until I read this speculation by Rob Rose in iMedia Connection

Adobe's the company behind Photoshop, PDFs and other software standards that have become generic trademarks like Kleenex.  Omniture's the leading web analytics vendor for news organizations.

"Imagine Adobe/Flash/Omniture becoming the default rating system for
online video.  Basically they could become the Nielsen or ComScore of
YouTube Videos.  Or, imagine the new company being able to provide
measurement on whether your PDF's are being read – and to what page
they were read.   Or imagine, them being able to tell you at what point
people fell out of your online video demonstration.    Or, finally,
imagine them being able to tell you what parts of your hybrid consumer
application are the most popular, the least frequented – or a hundred
other things that I can imagine."

In other words, new standards for measuring rich media are likely to come.

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